Multifamily Residential in Australia

Multifamily Residential is a mature asset class in the US and Europe.  However it is a fast emerging asset class in the U.K., Asia and Australia.  

Multifamily refers to a multi-unit residential building (e.g. an apartment building) owned by a single institutional owner.  Individual dwellings are rented to residents, typically on the open market, but in some instances to special market sectors (e.g. social and affordable housing, military housing).  In mature markets, product varies widely in terms of location (inner urban to suburban), density (low rise to high rise) and positioning (affordable housing to premium product).  In the world’s largest securitised market, the U.S., the sector is the second largest real estate investment class.  

Emerge Capital’s in house research provides an overview of the sector, global case studies, and discusses the catalysts for this asset class to emerge in Australia.