Project Details


YEAR: 2016


VALUE: c.€50m. Intention to grow fund to €500m

SECTOR: Healthcare

ROLE: Co-Investor and Investment Manager



project description

Emerge Capital successfully raised equity and debt, in order to establish a European Healthcare Fund and co-invest in 7 aged care seed assets in Austria. The assets were pursued due to their long WALE, attractive yield, and government supported operators.

Emerge Capital have established a fund platform in order to acquire additional assets in the structure.


Emerge Capital'S Role

Emerge Capital originated this opportunity through its international network.  Alongside acquiring these seed assets, Emerge Capital set up a fund structure in order to establish a broader European Healthcare Real Estate Fund. 

In order to successfully close this transaction, Emerge Capital analysed a number of financing structures to optimise the total return for investors, leveraged capital relationships to secure debt and equity financing, and managed the transaction team through due diligence processes, contract negotiation and right through to financial close.

Emerge Capital continue to asset manage the assets and originate new opportunities for the fund.



The Fund successfully acquired the seven aged care facility portfolio for c.€50m.

Emerge Capital have established a fund platform, and are progressing several new opportunities for the fund.